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當她發現自己得了癌症  她決定開始記錄自己


【WHEN I WAS ILL】攝影師Alyona Kochetkova的自身影像故事

“Meals became a problem. I realized that nutrition was important, but I had no appetite. Even my favorite food seemed tasteless and made me nauseous.”

俄羅斯攝影師Alyona Kochetkova


“The diagnosis was unexpected. I feared the uncertainty, and my anxiety was growing.”


“Losing your hair is painless in itself, but it is very hard to accept emotionally. I was irritated to see the new “hairstyle” and a swollen face.”


“Insomnia, nausea, tightness of the chest and headaches stepped up the mental tension.”

“I was tortured, just like many others, with the question “Why did it happen to me of all people?” A simple answer cannot be found. It is crucial to turn to religion not in search of a cure but to realize that a disease is a test. And it is a valuable part of life that teaches a lot and gives you the motivation to change inside.”

就像許多其他人一樣,我遭到了“為什麼在所有人中發生這種事情?”這個問題的折磨。 至關重要的是,轉向宗教不是尋求治療,而是要意識到疾病是一種考驗。 這是生活中寶貴的一部分,它可以教很多東西,並帶給您改變內部的動力。


Alyona Kochetkova 的這組照片,也獲得 The Andrei Stenin

International Press Photo Contest 的大獎

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